Dryer Repair


When you own a dryer for yourself, you can get your clothes ready for yourself in just a few hours. It is the ultimate thing when it comes to clothes cleaning convenience and so, is a very common appliance for people to have next to their dryers. And, if you have one of your own, you no doubt rely on it at least once a week and certainly before those last-minute meetings, which demand a clean set of clothes. But it can be exactly these times when your dryer suddenly gives up on you and stops working. It can ruin your plans for an outfit and can give you stress that you just do not need. At Modesto Quality Appliance Repair, we understand this best and that is why we are always glad to offer our support. When you need dryer repairs, you can count on our team to come and deliver them, no matter how difficult the task.

Dryer Repair

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Heating Issues

A common issue that many people stumble upon with their dryers is heating issues. This could be problems with overheating, however, an underheated dryer is one of the most likely dryer defects today.

Power Failure

Another likely issue that you may come across is power failure. When the electrics in a dryer malfunction slightly, it can lead to the entire circuit being put out of action indefinitely. But that will only be until you call our team to come and take a look.

Agitation Defects

When a dryer is unable to cause agitation in the chamber, it is unable to deliver the complete dry that it usually would. This could lead to clothes coming out wet after the cycle, defeating the purpose of the machine.

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